Pool pump surround and storage

This surround and storage solution was created to disguise the pool pump equipment in this brand new pool area. Made from Western Australian jarrah, to the usual high standards of craftsmanship. Built in 4 sections for ease of delivery and installation, each frame was constructed using mortise and tenon joints for added strength and longevity, and the lid was hinged in place using stainless steel hinges. The piece was then finished off with an environmentally friendly UV protection oil product.


6 thoughts on “Pool pump surround and storage

  1. I love this! Can you provide materials and simple how too? These are very difficult to find. I appreciate any assistance. Am I able to purchase something like this from you?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hello,

    We are wanting to have this around our pool pump which is attached to our back fence. Do you make these and then sell them or do you explain how to make them (I.e what products to buy etc)?

    Kind Regards

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