Functional art for the living room or business foyer

Visually appealing as well as functional, coffee tables are an integral part of any living room or reception area/foyer. Using glass topped tables assists in creating a sense of space, and also allows for appreciation of the timber frame beneath.

These tables are an original Peter Walker Furniture design, hand crafted with meticulous attention to detail, an art form in themselves. The centre joint of the table is made using traditional joinery techniques, all cut by hand, creating a structurally sound feature. This cannot be achieved by machine due to the intricate joint details and rounded edges. The table is polished with an environmentally friendly but durable finish.

Peter Walker Furniture is proud not to be contributing to the throwaway society we unfortunately live in, and instead respects the journey of the timber, giving it ongoing life in another form. In a world where traditional skills are becoming increasingly rare, Peter Walker Furniture is privileged to be keeping the age old tradition of hand crafted furniture making alive.


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